Flower Symbols: The Language of Love

By Kathleen Karlsen

Discover the Meaning of Flowers in Folklore, Religion and Popular Culture
$12.95, 112 pages

Flower Symbols includes fascinating information about the symbolism and folklore of the world’s most beloved flowers, with illustrations of selected flowers, famous quotes about flowers, selected poetry featuring flowers and information about traditional uses of flowers for healing.


Flowers accompany us in nearly every major event in life: birth, graduation, marriage, holidays, illness and death. In addition, flower images adorn practically everything around us: hair, clothing, jewelry, china, stationary, wallpaper, furniture, artwork and more. Understanding the folklore, meanings, facts, stories and legends about the amazing world of flowers adds a fascinating new dimension to nearly every aspect of life.


$12.95, 112 pages

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Chapter 1: Symbolism of the World's Favorite Flowers
Chapter 2: Find Flowers By Their Meanings
Chapter 3: Meaning of Flower Names
Chapter 4: More About Popular Flowers
Chapter 5: Flower Color Meanings
Chapter 6: Garden Flower Symbolism
Chapter 7: Flowers in Art and Decor
Chapter 8: Selected Wildflowers-History and Lore
Chapter 9: Healing with Flowers