About the Artist

Artist Biography


Kathleen Karlsen is an artist, musician, writer and educator. She has had over seventy exhibits of her art since 2001. Her original art is in private and corporate collections in twenty-one states and four countries. Karlsen's work has been featured in an early learning multimedia series, in a book introducing fine art to children, and on magazine and book covers. Karlsen's art has also been used to raise money for multiple charities.


Karlsen works in two major styles. Her landscapes and florals are created with thick paint in a highly-textured, dimensional style. Her universe art and abstracts are a combination of colorful flowing contours with layered forms. The goal of both styles is to mimic the beauty of patterns found in nature and thus create an energizing, spontaneous, relaxed experience for the viewer.


Karlsen is a avid student of science, psychology and the transformative power of the arts. She holds a BA in fine art from the College of William and Mary and an MA in humanities from California State University. Karlsen lives and works in Bozeman, Montana. When she is not painting, playing music (vocalmedicine.com), writing books (kathleenkarlsen.com), or creating educational videos, she loves to hike in the local mountains near Bozeman, Montana where she lives with her husband and five children.  

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Selected Testimonials from Customers and Fans


"I received the painting in perfect condition. Thanks very much, it’s magnificent!" 
L.P., Phoenix, AZ

"I just wanted to let you know the painting arrived safely....  I've decided to put it in the dining room...  It's just beautiful." 
C.O., Seattle, OR

"You've created and brought forth so much beauty in your lifetime!  I commend you for your courage and determination." 
C.S., Washington, DC

"I have your painting in my office. So many of my patients have commented on what a healing vibration that painting has. It is so bright and cheerful and interesting. Thank you!"
J.M., Bozeman, MT

"I absolutely love your website and all the fresh new material and your ongoing works! Keep on!"
T.M., Livingston, MT

"Your art is a very special gift of yourself that is a blessing to give to others. You are blessed to have such a gift that you can share with many people. Your art helps us keep one foot on earth and one in another realm of light."
E.F., Bozeman, MT

Artist Statement


There is nothing as amazing as the process of creation–be that a piece of art, a child, a home, a business or a relationship. My desire is that the intensity of my process will be captured in what I create and will in turn enrich and energize someone else’s life.


An art studio is a laboratory for the heart, mind and soul. I choose to work in a flowing style with highly liquid paint because this increases the number of variables and therefore the level of excitement and creative chaos in my experiments. I am forced to make decisions quickly over the space of hours and days as a painting develops. 

Every original piece is absolutely and utterly unique. If I was rational, I would formulate a precise way to mix paint to consistently yield a desired viscosity. I would time the drying process meticulously. I would layer paint methodically and control the room temperature carefully. But I am not a chemist or an engineer or a scientist.

I am an artist. I need risk. I need surprises. I need to be totally absorbed in a piece of art. I need fear and jubilation. I need to be on the edge. I need to think of a painting morning, noon and night. I need to get up in the middle of the night and tilt a canvas ever so slightly to get the paint to flow in a new direction or pattern.

That experience, that experiment, will never be repeated. No one can ever reproduce the exact conditions or the exact results achieved in a particular painting ever again. That demands total engagement. That is when I am ALIVE. That is when art becomes life and transformation and hope. That is what I want to convey by sharing my art.

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